Re Introduction

img_9393Hello, Hello!

My name is Alyssa Neel. I originally started this blog website as a class requirement for my Emerging Media and the Market Place class in the WVU Integrated Marketing Communications Masters Program. I have since earned my Master’s and figuring out what the next step will be.

A little about myself…

I started my love of fashion at Von Maur as an associate in the Handbags Department. The biggest adjustment was buying dresses, skirts, and pantyhose. I had a lot of trouble falling in love with fashion, accessories, and expressing myself and my personality in “work clothes”. The more I stuck with it, the more fun it became. I love to put together outfits. The most fun I have is creating a foundation to then be highlighted by jewelry, shoes, and handbags. Working in retail has helped me accept compliments, bring out my hidden love of fashion and the current trends. I have worked my way up and I am the current Department Manager of the Handbags and Accessories Departments. I am so passionate about the products, selling the products, and the amount of success my departments and associates achieve.

I am looking to grow my career in fashion and fashion marketing. I know I am in the right place to get it started. I will be utilizing this blog to write about fashion, its seasonal trends, product reviews, and I’ll be throwing in some interesting customer encounters and requests for merchandise.

There is never a dull moment in the fashion industry or working with the public. I hope all my readers enjoy what I have to say and I hope to meet other fashion bloggers on this journey.




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