Coming Full Circle

Who remembers these from the 90’s?



As a kid, I would collect keys to hang from this key chain and wear them on my wrist. I thought I was the coolest kid on the block… wait… I was!

Not going to lie, I always felt that for people to gain some sort of liking towards me, I felt like I always had to be up on the trends. I was the typical 90’s girl basking in all of the 90’s trends.

One morning, I was unpacking shipment for the accessories department. These weird, spiral, circular things were in the box. Where were these suppose to go and how was I suppose to merchandise them? Then, the light bulb went off! They’re Hair Ties!!!

Recently, elastic hair ties have been subject to competition by these spiral ties. I broke down and decided to invest to see what they are really like. I wanted to see if they really hold my hair in place, if they come out smoothly, and don’t tug on my hair. They have lived up to the hype.

I first tried these ties to keep my hair back for hot yoga. I had not washed my hair that day- leaving it not as voluminous. I thought for sure, the hair tie would come right out, especially since I was about to sweat in hot yoga. NOT THE CASE!

They continued to hold my hair back as I got further into my practice. At the end of the night, I went to take the tie out. It came out easily and did not take any hair with it! My next concern was about it’s appearance.

When I took the tie out of my hair, it was extremely stretched out. Why did I pay all this money for a hair accessory that is going to stretch out and become more difficult to use? I let the tie sit over night. In the morning, the tie had shrunk back to it’s starting size.

In the photo above, the band to the left had just come out of my hair, the middle  was used the night before and left to sit overnight, and the one on the right has yet to be used.

Today, I washed my hair for the first time in four days. When my hair is freshly washed, it is full of volume. I wanted to test the tie again to see if it would feel different with big, freshly washed hair. I will say, my hair feels more secure on my head. My messy bun has stayed in one place all day today, it made my bun nice and light, and my hair was not getting pulled out of my head.


All in all, these hair ties have been a great investment. I have been getting used to the delicate and light accessory holding all my hair back.

If you are looking for a product that is not going to pull out your hair and won’t add extra added weight on top of your head, I highly recommend the spiral ties as your hair ties.

Thanks for reading and I would greatly appreciate any questions or comments about today’s post below.








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