SEO’s.They Are Important, You Know…?


This week in Emerging Media, the topic was on SEO’s. We had to find a Fortune 500 company, plug in some words, and see where that company, if at all, landed on the list. Some of the words that were used, landed the company at the beginning of the list and sometimes the company would not make the list. SEO’s or Search Engine Optimization are beneficial for big and small businesses. One could argue that it would be more beneficial for one over the other but they offer many different things for each business. For small businesses, SEO’s help put the business on the map. When I was plugging in my SEO’s for the Fortune 500 company, based on the words I was searching, the results were bringing up local industries. Local industries were listed before stores like Wal-Mart and Target. Small businesses can compete with giant companies because coming up with an SEO strategy will help the small business appear towards the top of the search because it will be the most relevant page for the searcher. Some tips to offer to small businesses would be to specialize in a Niche Market. Develop a business that meets a consumer’s specific need or needs. The more relevance when it comes to being a search result depending on the word, the better. Part of the strategy will to accumulate many small words. With a variety of words that will bring up the small business, the more likely the company will be able to succeed along side the big businesses. Besides providing optimal brand awareness and online socialization, the one intriguing tactic to make it along side the big businesses is to implement a long-tail key word strategy. Have you ever plugged something into google that was more of a sentence instead of a word? If I am searching for something online, I will most likely plug in a long-tail key word instead of one word at a time. I am looking to make sure that a company I am searching for or the product it’s self comes up towards the top of my search. When searching in Google, do you notice yourself doing one word searches or long-tail key words and why do you do more than the other?


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