Not Your Ordinary Designer

ted baker london

This week, in class, our discussion topic was about digital story telling across social media. Recently, I have fallen in love with a brand of luxury clothing that doesn’t just tell the story through the internet but through the clothes. This, “not so ordinary” brand is Ted Baker. Ted Baker was founded by Ray Kelvin. He is also the Chief Executive of Ted Baker. The global brand was first founded originally as a mens shirt shop in Glasgow. With every shirt sold, Kelvin offered free dry cleaning services.  The brand is based off of a fictitious character named, Ted Baker. Ted is said to be adventurous, quirky, humorous, daring, and dashing! The closet living person to Ted Baker, would be the founder, Ray Kelvin. Ray is never seen in public or shows his face on the internet. Ray states that he doesn’t show his face in public because he isn’t into flashing his success and doesn’t believe he is good looking enough to be plastered online.

He also didn’t want his name attached to the clothing line in fear that he would fail or go bankrupt. He didn’t want his name attached to a failed business. The Ted brand does not advertise but simply goes by “Teducation”. This type of marketing does great with social media and is a great guerrilla marketing tactic. The brand takes advantage of the era of Facebook and Twitter because it was initially built by word of mouth marketing. There was no initial ad campaign that could be traced back to the brand’s success. A modern day example of a digital campaign would be from the holiday season of 2014. Ted Baker launched a campaign on Instagram entitled #TedsElfie.

ted baker instagram

On #TedsElfie, the goal was to engage shoppers during the holiday season. The story is that Santa’s Elves go missing. The only evidence that is left behind is an elfie that was taken by Santa. Fans are tasked with finding the elves by going to Instagram and choosing their own style game and navigate through the Ted Baker Winter Wonderland. The brand, in an of itself is a great story telling brand from the design of the clothes and digital campaigns. Digital has been a real advantage for Ted Baker. It gives the brand a chance to share it’s story about Ted, connect with new audience members, and maintain a relationship with current audience members. A Ted design is easy to pick out from a crowd and based on the pattern of the design, it is easy to formulate a story about the customer wearing the piece.

Examples of the bold pieces can be seen below…

2 thoughts on “Not Your Ordinary Designer

  1. prleytevidal says:

    I love me some Ted Baker, and I love their Teducation campaigns! Have you heard about the virtual store that the brand created? It gives you a 360 view of one of their stores where you can cruise around and browse the racks – pretty neat!


    1. aneel48 says:

      I have not! I will go check that out in my free time, very neat! I am planning, hopefully, to head up to an outlet south of Toronto, ON, Canada in the near future. Before I go, I will definitely check out the 360 store view.


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