‘Tis the Season

As the biggest discount weekend in retail comes to a close, I have clearly noticed the amount of emerging media that has been involved with reaching out to customers. So much, that I felt like shoppers were staying out of the stores and doing their shopping elsewhere or online. Working retail for the first time, I trained every day to prepare myself for the big rush of Black Friday. Every scenario I made sure I knew what it was in case it came up again for Black Friday. I was nervous for the crowds, would I be able to handle it, would I be able to have customers and make a sale, would I be able to answer customer questions accurately? These were all going through my mind leading up to the big day. The big day had arrived and what do you know, nothing like I had anticipated. I had anticipated lines at the register, impatience when waiting for items to get boxed and having to juggle multiple customers at once. Well, this was not the case. However, there were people out shopping to where the day was steady all day long, there was a lull point but not how I had envisioned. What could have been the factor, people shopping from home. If you noticed, thought the weekend, retailers were starting their promotions early or extending them for a longer period of time. There are some that are doing “Cyber Monday” all week, instead of ending at midnight. Where does emerging media come in? Well, online, retailers are offering an additional percentage off if a customer provides their cell phone number to get SMS text alerts, an additional percentage off if a customer provides an email address to subscribe to e-mails, customers received a percentage off if they ordered through a mobile app, or they will receive rewards if they shop with their mobile devices. It can be argued that buying online attributed to people staying home because they wouldn’t have to deal with the rush. Other companies, were incorporating mobile to get customers into their store. An example is Walgreens. Walgreens runs their timed promotions through their app. In order to get the promotion, customers need to come into the store during a certain time frame. Walgreens partnered with Starbucks to create a game for the customers. The reward was a free coffee pass from Starbucks when playing the Walgreens game. Walgreens first stepped onto the mobile front when they provided customers the ease to refill prescriptions and print photos from their phone. Now, customers are in the store and checking the weekly ad on the app. Companies were also posting their promotions on company Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, and all different forms of Direct Marketing. Did you participate in any Black Friday, Small Business, Saturday, or Cyber Monday deals? If so, did you use emerging media to assist in finding the deals? How did you use it? I, personally used Facebook, and Mobile Coupons.




One thought on “‘Tis the Season

  1. kdberg8 says:

    Hi Alyssa –

    Black Friday was not all the hype it was supposed to be or was it? Black Friday sales dropped significantly in store vs. online where sales skyrocketed. In comparison to Cyber Monday, Black Friday saw the hit this year. Walgreens did do a nice job with timed promotions this year. I found it interesting how they did this to get consumers back time and time again!

    As for myself, yes, I splurged on several deals but not just on one particular day, the entire weekend! I found some prices were better on Saturday and Sunday, the off days other then Cyber Monday and Black Friday. I did however really enjoy some of the other deals and easily located the products I wanted through my mobile device and apps. So to answer your question, yes, emerging media played a significant role in my buying patterns this year to get the hottest deals and promotions.

    Shame on me for succumbing to the pits of marketing on holidays! But hey, being in marketing it’s kind of why I love it! Great read!

    Want more interesting info on these holidays? Check out this site for interesting statistics on Black Friday and Predictions for Cyber Monday:

    – Kels


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