Have You Noticed the Trends?

With just a month before we say goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016, with every new year, it brings time of reflection. The reflection is on the past year, review of goals that were set, if they were achieved, the highs and the lows. From the reflections, new goals and thoughts are created for the coming year. I would like to reflect on some of the trends in Emerging Media that were supposedly set in 2015. The trends were to make Emerging Media more smart and personalized, add more matrics, increase spending into social media, social media will be used in a different light, Visual Branding, more Mobile Marketing, and continued media coverage. Of course, some mistakes were made along the way. In the past year, have all these trends been noticed? Is there any company in particular that has been on trend or is it still a work in progress? Companies are starting to use Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat more frequently for their visual brand messaging. Facebook has been integrated into a way of life. It is not just a sight to keep in touch with family and friends but businesses are using it to connect with their customers. In addition, they are posting promos and items that are happening with the company. By doing so, the target audience has the ability to share within their network with a click of a button- same goes for Twitter. For Twitter, someone just has to retweet a tweet for their network to be aware. Has digital and social media been incorporated as a lifestyle? For me, I find that any information I want to collect or find, it can link back to social media. I have been using more apps, providing an email to subscribe, and receive SMS messaging. What are some ways you have succumb to Emerging Media Trends?

Fans Social Media Trends 2015.png

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