The Advantages of Having a Brand Ambassador Program

brand ambassador

Content, social media marketing, e-mail, print media, etc. They are all powerful forms of marketing to get the word out about companies and their products. The methods listed above, are beat out by word-of-mouth marketing, the most powerful form of marketing. Word-of-Mouth marketing doesn’t just involved people hearing about different things from friends and family but it can happen through an established Brand Ambassador program. Brand Ambassadors are very important for a company, especially if the company is a start-up. It is hard to get the word out about a start-up company or an established company when managers and founders can’t be in multiple places at once. Brand Ambassadors are great for a company because they will be the company’s most loyal customer. If someone is a brand ambassador of a company, they are most likely planning to stick around for a long time. The advantages of having Brand Ambassadors are that they will start to humanize the brand and become emotionally involved. They will spread the value of the brand to other potential consumers. It is part of a brand ambassador’s personality to always want to share information, solve problems. and offer help to others. When the ambassador becomes emotionally invested in a company and their products, they in turn, will become one of the most loyal customers. Loyal customers of brands can be found on social media. If an ambassador has a heavy presence on social media, the brand will then be exposed to different social media circles. Content can be easily shared with a  click of the mouse, therefore, it has the ability to spread further to draw in more consumers.

Are there any positives or negatives that can be seen by having a brand ambassador program? Has anyone participated in or have seen a good program? What made the program so successful? If the program was not successful, what were the measures to be taken to make it more successful? I would love to know your thoughts!

One thought on “The Advantages of Having a Brand Ambassador Program

  1. LMOG says:

    Hi Alyssa – I think in today’s digital world, we are all brand ambassadors. That’s the exciting (and terrifying) part for brands. One disgruntled customer who takes to the social web can ignite a PR firestorm for a brand. However, I do think some of the best brand ambassadors are found within the company itself. That’s why employer branding is so important as well.


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