…but I thought it was just a phone!

Smartphones… phones that can do more than just talk and text message. Who would have thought when the iPhone was introduced, it would be used as a marketing tool to reach consumers. Mobile marketing is one of the best forms of marketing because it does not cost much for the company but has the ability to reach millions of people in a short amount of time. The best example for mobile marketing would be SMS or “Short Messaging Service”.


In order for consumers to receive SMS, they need to “opt in” to the service. If they don’t “opt in” but end up receiving the messages, the company has breached confidentiality rights of the consumer. When considering opting in to the SMS, evaluate how beneficial it would be to you.

Examples of SMS that would benefit the consumer would be in the medical field. Companies like CVS and Walgreens give consumers the opportunity to enroll in an automatic refill system. Once the consumer gives their phone number, scripts can get refilled on a regular basis without the patient having to call every month. When prescriptions are ready, the consumer will receive a text messages that their scripts are ready to get picked up. This is great because helps the consumer stay on top of their meds and it is one less thing to worry about. Another example is doctors. Once an appointment is scheduled, doctors will send their patient text messages to confirm an appointment or send a reminder of an upcoming appointment. From there, the appointment can be added into the calendar on the iPhone.

Businesses and restaurants will text out promotional offers and mobile coupons. Usually, the offers will be sent out to be used during a certain time of the day or to be redeemed by a certain date. If restaurants are sending out SMS during a certain time, that could signal they are not very busy at that moment. Retail stores will send out SMS for promotions or a redeemable mobile coupon.


When was the last time you responded to an SMS?

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