The Picture Worth a Thousand Words

What makes a memorable impression on an audience? In marketing, it can be the use of imagery as part of the content. Images are used as a strategy to for consumers to better remember products.


When it comes to branding a product, color can correlate with different products and the meaning behind the products. For example, the following colors will suggest different characteristics…

Brown-Ruggedness, Warmth
Purple-Sophistication, Imagination
Red-Love, Excitement
Green- Used in Environmental marketing
Orange- Optimistic
Blue-Trust, Peace

The decision to purchase or not purchase a product can be made solely on the color of the brand. Consumers are looking at the colors as they fit the product of the brand or how they fit the brand. The colors give the brand personality and how the brand wants to be perceived. Have you ever come across a product from a brand or a brand itself where the colors didn’t seem to match? If so, what was it, what were the colors, and what colors would you suggest the brand to use?


One thought on “The Picture Worth a Thousand Words

  1. kweb9816 says:


    Great post. Imagery plays such an important piece of the puzzle for customers. I knew colors influenced consumers but did not realize the full extent of it. Now it makes sense why I hate changes to the colors of my favorite snacks! I am sure your color preferences are probably influenced by your environment as well. For example, men and women tend to favor different colors and there could be other colors that are welcomed more in certain cultures.


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