Kids and Technology

This week, I have reminisced on my previous job at the YMCA. At the YMCA, one of my main roles was to coach the children in the Tween Center; ages 6-12. It was quite the experience as there were XBox Kinect games, gym equipment, and arts and crafts. As I was on my shifts, I would notice kids who would use their parents smartphones, or even their own smartphones, and sit in the corner for over an hr. They would not interact with the other kids and preferred to sit alone, engrossed in technology. If marketers are trying to market to children because of their knowledge in technology, what will that do to that generation when they start in the working world? My main concern is the development of social skills and learning how to problem solve. A comment that has stuck with me and has surfaced with this week’s assignment came from one of the girls who frequented the Y. She asked me, “How did you live without a Smartphone? I could never go a day without mine!” I could not believe what I was hearing but then again, I was watching children who were born in 2007 so technology is all they know. Is this a concern for you and should it be a concern for society? Is it right for marketers to market children so young? I also want to provide a video of a baby who mixes up an iPad and Magazine! Enjoy!

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