My Very First Blog!

Hello Readers,

Welcome to my very first blog post! The main focus of this blog is to write about Emerging Media and how it is used in the market place. Since this week is an introductory week, I will be focusing on Emerging Media, why it matters, how we interact with it daily, how it influences the world, and how it influences what we buy. Emerging media is a type of media being used to connect companies with consumers in a way that is more personalized and interactive. Emerging media is great at attracting consumers because the interaction is two-fold. Communication through emerging media consists of a sender and a receiver. An example of this can be seen on Facebook and Twitter. On Twitter, there are companies asking followers to tweet pictures or use a hashtag. Emerging media can also be received by a consumer at any time of the day, it will never sleep. There are always feeds reloading on Twitter every second of the day. The advancement in technology has also made it easily accessible for consumers. Let’s take the iPhone. On the iPhone, consumers can have access to e-mail and internet at all hours of the day. It is easy for companies with an Emerging Media strategy to reach their consumers. A form of Emerging Media that consumers interact with daily is social media. It has a strong influence with what we buy. On social media, consumers have the ability to post product reviews, post videos of item features, or even post “how to” videos. In addition, product knowledge can be easily learned by social media. Learning about products can help the consumer make a decision if they will benefit or not benefit from buying a certain product. Being in sales, I have turned to social media very heavily the last few months. My tools have been Pinterest and YouTube. It has been very valuable because I can visually see features, get a product review, and get an inside peek at how the product is being used. As a sales associate, customers trust your opinion and expect you to have the most knowledge about the products. The more knowledge, the less amount of time it takes to establish trust, the more likely of landing a sale. An example of this can be taken from Youtube. The video is linked here… Longchamp Le Pliage bags. I found this video very helpful because I can better pick out the pros and cons of each bag and inform the customer when they are making a purchase decision. Pinterest has also been a huge help. I have been looking for a bag for a customer by a specific designer that I don’t have a lot of experience with. I got to see a visual of what the customer was looking for but I also got to look at bags with similar features that popped up when I typed in my initial search. It gives the the opportunity to broaden my search in hopes my company has an item similar to what she is looking for. In addition, I gained some style ideas for when the question arises of the type out outfits to wear… who knows what questions will arise. Emerging Media is everywhere, it influences our every move; consumer or seller. Case in point, when it comes to my job, I am the sender of information and my customer is the receiver. It will be up to the customer what they decide what will fit their needs best.

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